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 Character Application

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Hamato Leonardo

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PostSubject: Character Application   Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:32 pm

What we're looking for ~
* Role players must be able to come on regularly. If you know you're going to be absent, please inform the group. Members who are not active for over a month will have their character(s) re-opened for someone else to claim. This is so other members who would like to RP can have a chance to do so.

*Having correct grammar and Spelling. Mistakes are fine to make every so often. We understand people aren't perfect, but what we require in this forum is the ability to be able to understand ones writing. Script and text talk are not acceptable. Please write in English and in full sentences.

*Having a vast knowledge of TMNT lore/characters. This helps with RPing and being creative. We expect members to be able to portray their character(s) well and have them act the way they would in the movies, show or comics. Using various traits from various TMNT series is encouraged, as well as accurate head canons.

* * * *

Please Fill out the following application to apply for either a Canon or Original Character by selecting "Post Reply" under this post. If your application is accepted, the Admin will message you back with further instructions on how to get started.

Your Username and Age ~(This is to verify all members are of the required age. Your real name is not required.)

Character Name ~
Or a link to a face Claim or picture ~ (Face Claim is for OC's only. Do not use art that doesn't belong to you.)
Age ~

Race ~ (Human, Mutant, Alien, Etc.)

Group ~ (Foot Clan, Hamato Clan, Purple Dragon, Mutanimal, Utrom, Loner, Rouge, Civilian, Etc.)

Appearance ~

Personality ~

History ~

Other ~ (Head Canons, Theme Song(s), Etc.)

Sample RP ~ (Must be at least 3 paragraphs long.)

* * * *

Please note, we will NOT accept OCs who are related/children of the Turtles and other canon characters, as well as OC's who are married to canon characters.
Baby turtles and mutants will not be accepted.
Thank you and have fun writing.
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Character Application
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